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Indicators that you may need new Windows

  • Air infiltration through/around windows

  • Heat gain or loss through and around windows

  • Foggy glass

  • Rotted wood

  • Painted shut

  • Will not stay open

Material choices for Window replacement

  • Wood

  • Fiberglass

  • Composite

  • Vinyl

  • Synthetic Decks
    Tired of the yearly maintenance associated with traditional wood decking, we find that many homeowners are turning to synthetic decking. Unlike wood, synthetic decks require low maintenance, never need to be sanded, stained, or painted, are impervious to moisture and insects, and are stain and slip resistant.
  • Wood Decking
    While technological enhancements in synthetic decking are always improving its ability to mimic the look of wood, it is hard to match the beauty of a natural wood deck. When it comes to designing and building a natural wood deck, there are a few advantages that natural wood has over other decking materials: It is non-toxic and very strong for its weight Makes a beautiful deck and can be easily worked Wood is a renewable resource if managed correctly and produced with small fossil-fuel inputs It is easy to reuse and recycle, plus, it biodegrades without any polluting byproducts Generally less expensive to use than synthetic decking
  • Vinyl Railing
    Vinyl railing is an excellent way to accent and improve your porch, portico, or deck. Vinyl railing is especially popular because it requires very little maintenance, lasts longer than wood, never needs to be painted, is impervious to water and insects, and is aesthetically attractive. Vinyl railing will not only provide a secure, durable railing system, but will increase the curb appeal of your home.
  • DuradekTM Vinyl Decking
    Since 1974, Duradek has been installed, by trained professional applicators, on well over 100 million square feet of low-slope roofs, sundecks and balconies all over North America. Duradek has solved difficult waterproofing problems in the hottest, coldest, wettest and driest climates imaginable. With Duradek’s proven system, proven installation techniques and experience, Duradek can solve your exterior waterproofing needs. Consumer Construction has installed Duradek on hundreds of porches and decks in Northern Virginia. Do you have have a walkable roof or porch that may benefit from Duradek? Contact us today for a free consultation!
Why choose CCI

Why choose Consumer Construction for your new replacement windows?

  • The two most important things to think about when choosing new windows are the right window and the right company. Our goal is to make your remodeling project the smooth and hassle free process you deserve.

  • We offer a wide variety of windows, unlike other companies that offer just one window for everyone.

  • We help simplify the process. Our window specialists sit with you in your home, measure and examine your existing windows, and go over your options and answer any questions that you may have.

  • Our window specialists are trained to properly diagnose the problem and help you identify the best solution for you.

  • Your home and your family are protected. We promise to take care of your landscaping and property as if it was our own. We will clean up after each day and do our best to make it so you won’t even know we were there.

  • We do everything we can to make the project as seamless as possible. We maintain a flexible schedule that adjusts to your busy life because your time is of the utmost importance to us.

  • We stand behind our work. Your windows are backed by full manufacturers’ warranties, and our own workmanship warranty.

  • Your home will not be at risk. We are fully licensed and insured-including workers’ compensation.

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