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Consumer Construction Offers Consultative Approach to Home Remodeling in Northern Virginia


Consultation – Not High Pressure

  • We respect your time.

  • We are dedicated to meeting your unique remodeling goals.

  • We recommend that you take the time you need to consider our proposal and to receive answers to your questions.


Choices, Education and Guidance

  • We explain what materials are available and clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • We inform you of the trade-offs between initial costs and on-going maintenance costs.

  • We point out which materials allow for future color change.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

  • We pay careful attention to detail to deliver outstanding results.

  • We have the expertise to handle unforeseen conditions encountered during your remodeling project.

  • We entrust work for new clients to the same experienced crews who have satisfied thousands of northern VA homeowners.

We Stand Behind Our Work

  • We provide exceptional warranties.

  • We deliver excellent follow-up service.

  • We supply references at your request.


  1. We will meet with you to understand your project goals.

  2. We will present financing options and discounts available for payment by check.

  3. We will explain your options for addressing your project, show you product samples, and review tradeoffs of each option.

  4. We will create sketches and design renderings for your deck project.

  5. We will provide a cost estimate for you to review.

  6. Once agreed upon, contracts are signed and we begin your exciting project.

  7. From beginning to end, we are available to answer your questions.


It's that easy!  Request a free estimate to get your project started!

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