What does your front door say about you?

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When friends, family, or neighbors visit your home they knock on your front door and wait. In those moments, what is your home saying about you?

Is your entrance sleek and clean or is your front door looking aged and outdated? Just like with cars and fashion, home designs trend in and out. Your front door is the statement piece of your home’s exterior and you want it to be saying the right thing about you!

Consumer Construction offers Provia figerglass and steel doors, recognized as one of the best products on the market. Aside from an impressive warranty and superior craftsmanship, Provia doors offer a wide range of products and features to suit any customer’s request; including entry, storm, French, and doggie doors. Consumer Construction also offers sliding doors!

During your door consultation you will use the Provia Studio computer software which allows you to custom tailor your door. You will have the chance to choose your door’s interior and exterior colors, sidelites or transom windows, the style and finish of your door knocker or handle, along with options for security features, privacy glass, stained glass, and more! You will also be able to see the price of your door change as you add or remove special features—that way you can remain within your budget throughout the entire process.

Indulge a little! These beautifully custom made fiberglass entry doors will last a lifetime! Your new door will add value to your property, provide security and Energy Star rated savings, and allow you to take pride in your home! Be the home the neighbors are talking about, call for your free consultation today!

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