Skylights and Solar Tubes


Skylights have been a popular roof accessory for many years and have only gained in popularity as they become more advanced. Today, skylights can be electronically opened to let fresh air into your home, they can have built in sensors that detect rain and sunlight, and can even have built-in, fully-automated blinds custom matched to your home’s decor. Skylights can drastically change the feel of a room by providing a brightness and light source that can only be achieved through natural light.

Solar Tubes

The solar tube is a relatively recent development in roofing technology as a modification on the traditional skylight. Solar tubes are more compact and can often be more energy efficient allowing less radiant heat to permeate into your home as well as less surface area for heat loss. They are also able to effectively capture large amounts of sunlight and filter the light into your home through its exterior lens and reflective internal tubing. Solar tubes have a low roof profile, are energy-star rated, and reduce energy costs by increasing natural light.