ClimaTech High-Performance Insulated Glass Pack

The ClimaTech High-Performance Insulated Glass Pack offers special window features that allow for the maximum amount of energy efficiency for your new windows. More specifically, Alside offers a specialty glass pack feature which provides the highest level of energy efficiency. With options for Argon gas between your glass layers and a special Low-E glass which filters UV rays, your windows have the capability to meet the national Energy Star® rating. In fact, an Alside window with a ClimaTech glass package is up to 40% more efficient than most other Low-E or Mid-E glass systems and provides more than twice the energy efficiency of clear glass units.

Low-E Glass
Low-E glass has the capability to block UV rays preventing them from fading your paint, upholstery, and wood finishes inside your home. It also cuts down on radiant heat passing into your home in the summer and helps trap solar heat in the winter. The use of Low-E glass proves to be beneficial year round adding to its value to you as the homeowner and to the value of your property as a whole.

Argon Gas
Argon gas is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, nontoxic, and safe inert gas that fills the space between your window’s panes. When you choose this option for your windows you increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as provide an additional sound barrier between you and the outside world. Argon gas use has become increasingly popular in the window industry; however, no other manufacturer puts this technology to better use than Alside. Due to Alside’s pioneering use of th Intercept Spacer System, your windows will resist spacer movement and sealant failure–prolonging the efficiency of your Argon gas feature.

What is an Energy Star® rating?

Energy Star® is a program initiated by both the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to help Americans conserve energy and reduce energy usage. In 2010 alone, Americans saved nearly $18 billion on their utility bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 33 million cars. To read more click here.

How does an Energy Star® rated window help protect the environment?

Energy Star® rated windows help reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs and help make your home more energy efficient. By better insulating your window frames and glass packs, creating tighter seals within your windows, and creating windows better resistant to the elements your home becomes more energy efficient with less energy escaping out of your windows and less of the summer heat and winter cold infiltrating your home. As a result, your home cuts down on its energy use–which is normally powered by burning fossil fuels and contributing to air pollution, smog, and global warming.