Wood Trim Replacement

Wood Trim Replacement Northern Virginia

If not properly maintained and if other aspects of your home, like the gutters or roofing, are not functioning properly, your exterior wood trim can fall victim to moisture damage and mold growth, causing rotting and affecting other aspects of your home like the soffit and gutters. We can help get your home back in tip-top shape with new wood trim or with PVC trim from Azek, installed by our professional carpenters, and backed by our excellent customer service.

PVC Trim

Over the years, many different materials have attempted to replace traditional wood exterior trim. PVC has emerged as one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking for the appearance of wood without the hassle of painting and the risk of rotting. We proudly install Azek’s line of exterior trim boards.

Some advantages of PVC trim are:

  • PVC trim resists all weathering.
  • PVC won’t rot, check, splinter, or warp.
  • There are no knots or sap pockets in PVC trim.
  • PVC trim resists insects.
  • PVC trim does not require painting but can be painted custom colors.
  • PVC trim eliminates the need for flashing to protect trim pieces from moisture absorption.
  • PVC trim allows for direct masonry and ground contact.
  • PVC can be smooth or mimic the grain and texture of wood

Wood Trim

Replacing wood trim with wood is an economical option for those who are looking to maintain their home on a budget. When properly installed and maintained, wood trim can last for many years provided that the wood remains painted. Unlike PVC trim, wood trim is not resistant to insects, warping, cracking, rotting, and splitting. We install primed pine board, which we can paint to match. If your wood trim is in good shape, but you are tired of painting, then you might consider having it “capped” with Alside G8 Performance Aluminum Trim Coil.