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About Soffit

Maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home can be a chore. Easy-care Alside soffit installed by Consumer Construction provides a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation you need to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics. All of our distinctive designs are available in both solid and vented panels.

Soffit 101

Soffit, from the French word soffite meaning ‘formed as a ceiling’, refers to the material forming a ceiling from the top of an exterior house wall to the outer edge of the roof, i.e., bridging the gap between a home’s siding and the roofline (eaves). Soffit is either constructed of wood, aluminum, or vinyl, and is either venting (perforated) to allow air to flow through and up into the attic, or nonventing (solid). We recommend and install vinyl soffit, venting or nonventing, depending on overhang size and attic configuration.

The Benefits of Installing Vinyl Soffit on Your Home

Vinyl soffit is often overlooked by homeowners when considering the exterior remodeling of their home. The benefits of replacing your existing soffit with vinyl are:

  • Appearance – Installing new vinyl soffit will dramatically improve the appearance of the overhangs
  • Increased Attic Ventilation – Every attic must have balanced intake and exhaust ventilation for the system to function properly. Oftentimes, people will try to improve poor circulation by adding more exhaust ventilation (ex. Attic Fans), when they really need more intake ventilation (soffit vents)
  • Durabilty – Soffit is one of the areas of your home that is most vulnerable to wood rot caused by water exposure. Vinyl, unlike wood, will not rot.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Vinyl soffit never needs to be painted, and can be cleaned by simply spraying it with a hose.

We Proudly Use Alside Vinyl Soffit

Alside Vinyl Soffit

Alside represents over six decades of inspired innovation. Founded in 1947, Alside is a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding and accessories, vinyl windows and patio doors, and more for the residential remodeling markets.

We recommend and install Alside’s: Charter Oak®, Greenbriar® Vintage, and Alliance™ T4 vinyl soffit.

Charter Oak® Vinyl Soffit

Charter Oak Reinforced Premium Vinyl Soffit

Charter Oak® is one beautiful soffit panel. But its real beauty lies beneath the surface with its revolutionary TriBeam™ Design.

Thanks to TriBeam, Charter Oak is the most rigid vinyl soffit on the market. It spans uneven surfaces and delivers an exceptionally even course line while resisting sagging and twisting over long runs. Charter Oak soffit is an attractive, low-maintenance option for porch ceilings, large overhangs, or anywhere you want to create high impact visual appeal. For eaves, specify Charter Oak ventilated soffit paneling. Aeration openings hidden inside the panel’s grooves provide the air flow that reduces heat and humidity build-up in attics.

Charter Oak soffit’s gently rounded board edges and elegant 3-1/3” exposure width combine with hidden aeration openings to provide the premium appearance of expensive wood soffit. And its finely textured, low-gloss surface looks and feels like freshly applied paint. Plus, Charter Oak soffit is available in 21 colors that can be beautifully coordinated with all Alside siding, trim, and accent options.

Greenbriar® Vintage Beaded Soffit

Greenbriar Vintage Beaded Soffit

Greenbriar® Vintage Beaded soffit features the charm of beaded wood with the convenience of vinyl soffit.

A gentle rounded bead and architecturally correct 2 1/2″ exposure width distinguish this classic soffit style. A heavy-duty vinyl construction provides a durable, strong backdrop for this premium soffit, while an authentic beadboard design and luxurious matte texture create a markedly superior finish. Vent slots hidden in the recessed grooves ensure ample ventilation without compromising the smooth, upscale appearance.

Greenbriar’s beading detail faithfully recreates the timeless appeal of handcrafted wood beadboard with its distinct, realistic shadow lines, while its finely texture matte finish looks like freshly painted wood. And Greenbriar Vintage Beaded soffit is available in five beautiful colors that can be easily coordinated with all Alside siding, trim, and accent options.

Alliance™ T4

Alliance T4 Premium Vinyl Soffit

Alliance™ T4 Premium Vinyl soffit features a natural texture and low-gloss finish. Vented panels have an “outward weave” design that maximizes visual appeal while providing essential attic ventilation. Solid panels can be installed vertically for exceptional appeal at entrances and gable ends. For maximum color-matching flexibility Alliance T4 Premium Vinyl soffit is available in 15 contemporary colors that can be tastefully coordinated with all Alside siding, trim, and accent options.

To give you maximum flexibility, Alside offers this premium soffit in two styles – grained and smooth. Both styles feature deep V-groove profiles for crisp, clean shadow lines and traditional 4″ exposure widths.