Aluminum Trim Capping

Aluminum Trim Capping Northern Virginia

If your wood fascia, rake, window trim, or other trim boards are in good condition but you are tired of having to paint them every couple of years, then capping them in Alside Performance G8 almunium trim coil is the way to go. By capping your trim boards in Alside Performance G8 aluminum trim coil, you protect them from water damage and insects, while never having to worry about painting them again.

Our Process

Aluminum Brake

One of our expert installers will come to your home and custom bend Alside Performance G8 Trim Coil pieces to cap your fascia, rake, window, and/or door trim. He will use a machine called a brake to cut and bend each custom piece using the color you selected, with installation in most cases taking less than a day.

Alside Performance G8 Trim Coil

performance G8 High Performance Trim Coil

Guard your home’s exterior with Performance G8, the new high-performance trim coil from Alside. Performance G8 trim coil is used by Consumer Construction to custom-manufacture beautiful trim components that complement your siding and windows. Color trends come and go, but with Performance G8, you can choose from an array of classic colors infused with rich hues and timeless beauty. And best of all, they match Alside vinyl siding products as part of our ColorConnect® color matching system!

Choose from 16 Beautiful Colors

performance g8 Color Selection

Outperforms the Rest

Performance G8 outperforms other coil finishes in most ASTM Physical Performance Standards. The result: Your custom trim components retain their quality finish while being formed and installed and last longer.

Stain Resistant

Trees, dirt, oils, and pollution are just a few elements that can cause stains and damage your homes exterior. But the stain inhibitors in Performance G8 protect your home from such harsh elements. And cleaning Performance G8 is easy too – plain water is usually adequate to remove dirt and debris.

30 Year Warranty

This non-prorated coverage guarantees Performance G8 as long as you own your home.