Summer Energy Efficiency

by | June 26th, 2012 | Home Maintenance, Roofing | No Comments

Advances in the exterior renovation industry have created all sorts of options to increase the energy efficiency of your home, whether it be upgrades to an older model home or improvements to “builder’s grade” home features. Windows, doors, skylights, and sun tunnels create ways to cut down on energy costs through high efficiency glass and increased natural light to your home. Synthetic/vinyl frames create airtight seals and greater weather resistance than traditional wood frame windows, not to mention argon gas filled panes that resist transient heat and UV fading for your floors and furniture!

Modern roofing shingles also offer heat reflective, Energy Star rated shingles, with lifetime warranty backing! There are many options for proper attic ventilation which will help extend the lifetime of your shingle while also drastically reducing the stuffy air build-up in your home’s upper floors. Solar fans, attic fans, increased soffit ventilation–all of these products will help your home stay energy efficient and overall more enjoyable throughout the hot summer months.

We also offer top of the line siding products with insulated backing to help keep the heat out and the air conditioning in during the summer, and vice versa in the winter!

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