CCI Supports Local Wounded Warrior

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While most in our area are looking forward to the quickly approaching summer, a local family anticipates the end of the summer which marks the completion of their new home.

The Manassas Park, Briseno family, has been providing in-home care for their son, Jay, who was critically injured while serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq in 2003. With help from foundations including and the Quality of Life Foundation, the Brisenos will finally have the resources they need to sustain their care giving. Sponsored by private donations, the Brisenos’ will receive a new home that will include a suite for Jay outfitted with “hospital-quality” accommodations, a ceiling-mounted lift to safely transport him to and from the restroom, a therapy room, extra wide hallways, and a relaxation suite for his parents who act as his primary caregivers.

When asked by local homebuilder and contractor for the Brisenos’ project, Classic Concepts, for assistance outfitting the residence as a part of the Wounded Warrior Project, Consumer Construction Inc. owner Mark Mitchell, did not hesitate to donate the roofing labor and expertise for the home. Additionally, Consumer Construction’s manufacturer and distributor have teamed up to provide all necessary roofing materials. These contributions have ensured that the entire roof system for the new home has been covered free of charge.

“We at Consumer Construction have chosen to be a part of giving back to this young man and his family who have been called upon to pay the price for our national defense.” Mark stated, “I am really proud to be a part of this group. We cannot do enough for these guys.”  

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