Our History

Consumer Construction Inc. was founded in 1985 by Mark Mitchell upon his completion of service in the US Army. The company began with Mark offering residential and commercial roofing services around Prince William County.

Mark relaxing with his wife,
Janet (at the time pregnant with Patrick)

The first years were difficult with the owner Mark Mitchell often working alone on projects and at times enlisting the help of his wife, Janet. However, Mark had a growing family to provide for and pushed through the first growing years of Consumer Construction until he was able to partner with co-owner Bob Hagen in 1991.

Bob handing out raffle tickets at the
company holiday party. 1993.

When Bob joined the company he brought with him decades of experience in both the roofing and construction industries. Many of Consumer Construction’s past customers began requesting work on additional projects and in 1999 the company expanded its business to include windows and siding.

Consumer Construction roofers working on
Allegheny Springs at Snowshoe Mtn. Resort

Around this same time Consumer Construction began to branch into commercial projects and Mark got the opportunity to return to his hometown in West Virginia to roof several extensive projects at Snowshoe Ski Resort in Snowshoe, WV. Consumer Construction completed a beautiful new roof for the centerpiece of Snowshoe’s up-and-coming village—Allegheny Springs. Take a closer look at this project.

Over the last decade, Consumer Construction has added doors, decking, and railing to its list of services and has provided complete exterior renovations for countless customers—well beyond Consumer Construction’s upstart capacity as a roofing specialist. The company has grown over the years and now enlists the help of Mark’s children who still remember Consumer Construction at its early years. His daughter Julia said, “It’s truly amazing to see what my father and his business partner Bob have been able to accomplish over the years. I can remember how dad used to come home dirty and tired but proud of the work he had done that day. It helped instill in me [and my siblings] not only a strong work ethic but a dedication to our family’s business.”

Mark with daughter Julia after a
long day of work, 1990.
Mark showing his oldest son, Patrick, the proper way
to lay felt paper for the roof on his sandbox, 1987.
Luke proving he isn’t afraid to get his hands
a little dirty, even at 3 years old—notice some of
our first trucks ever in the background, 1989.
Check out one of our first advertisements,
a coupon mailer made by Mark in the early years.

Today, the business continues to thrive as its expertise increases in the exterior remodeling field with the continued oversight of Mark Mitchell, the dedication of his family, and a highly-skilled and professional staff. Consumer Construction has been in business now for 26 years providing top-notch services and honoring its warranties; we look forward to many more years of valued customers!